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Primary Six

Welcome to our Primary Six Page!

In P6 we get the opportunity to study and learn about many interesting topics.

Term 1

In term 1 our topic is “Rainforests“. We learn about the plants and animals found there, the people who live there and how the rainforest is being destroyed and the impact this is having. We also learn about Fairtrade and how by choosing to buy items produced in the rainforest, such as chocolate, bananas and coffee, which have the Fairtrade logo, we are in fact helping the people living there have a better standard of life. It is during this topic that we run our very exciting Fairtrade Shop!



In October we go on a residential trip to Lorne. Here we experience a variety of Adventure and Outdoor Activities.

Term 2

In term 2 our topic is “The Vikings“. We host a number of interactive workshops to learn more about how the Vikings lived. We also have a Viking Day in school and get the chance to dress up and live like Vikings for the whole day.

Term 3

In term 3 our topic is “The Titanic”. We learn about life in Edwardian Belfast, the main characters involved in the building of the ship, life on board, the disaster and what happened after, including the inquest and subsequent discovery of the wreck. As part of this topic we get to go and visit Titanic Belfast, where we can explore and experience the size and grandeur of the ship through interactive displays, reconstructions and rides, as well as visiting the actual slipway where the Titanic was built.

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